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What is Cloud Based Digital Marketing?
A Cloud is another name for a secure virtual environment. It's the latest craze in web technologies and allows the secure storage of data and quick actioning of web based applications.



What is the Satatel Cloud?
A low cost system that allows you to create or upload a phone book – just like your mobile phone does! You can then send information or offers via SMS, Email and Social Media to all of your customers! It’s an all in one system and it's really easy to use!
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Our Services
We provide a web based system that allows you to send SMS, email and social media messages to all of your clients. As well as this, we provide you with a fully functional database for your clients details.

Send SMS

A recent study by Google showed people check their phones between 110 and 150 times per day! Sending texts to customers is instant and necessary

Send Email

Are you sending a regular monthly newsletter? The Satatel Cloud Based System allows creation and sending tools so customers can always be kept informed of the latest news

Live Web Feed

Keep your website looking live and fresh with a Dynamic Web Feed. Update your site at the click of a button

Satatel SystemSatatel on Mobile
Why do you need Satatel?
In essence because you want to strive for more business and we have the perfect tool for it at a low cost! Times have changed and the age of digital technologies are upon us. Don’t miss out and let us guide you to success.

Online Presence

Critical in a world now lived through the web! Use Twitter and Facebook Messages to target your potential and current customers

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a crucial tool for your business to turn one time customers into repeat buyers as well as, generating new custom. Your Satatel Cloud account allows you to send digital marketing through SMS, Email and Social Media.

Measure Success

Measuring the success of a campaign is essential for you to understand how the Satatel Cloud is providing you with a proven ROI. Your reporting suite will give you all the data you need to analyse performance!

Satatel SystemSatatel on Mobile
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